Pintail Power

PowerGen Initiate! 2019 – Pintail Power invited to showcase its offerings

Pintail Power is one of seven start-ups invited to showcase its offerings in the Initiate! Hub at the 2019 Power Gen International conference in New Orleans.

Pintail Power will introduce the Energy Storage Combined Cycle (ESCC). This long-duration hybrid energy storage technology enables operators of combustion turbines to leverage excess low-cost renewable energy to cut Heat Rate in half and add carbon-free capacity.  ESCC combines proven molten salt thermal energy storage with thermal power equipment to improve the reliability and economics of both renewable and conventional generation resources.  Our patented integration increases power, fuel efficiency, storage density, and operating flexibility while relieving rate-of-charge and state-of-charge constraints that degrade or shorten the life of batteries. 

Pintail Power provides utility-scale long duration energy storage (up to 24 or more hours) at a fraction of the cost of Lithium batteries while avoiding their safety, toxicity and environmental issues.  With vendor-neutral systems integration and technical services to asset owners and developers via EPCs, utilities can deploy at any scale, either new-build or as storage upgrades to existing facilities at substantially lower cost than alternatives. 

Pintail Power’s technology accelerates a reliable transition to aggressive clean energy targets.