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Energy Storage Accelerates Combined Heat and Power Decarbonization

(Palo Alto, California)–December 18, 2023 

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems currently deliver over 82 gigawatts of cleaner, cheaper power to more than 4700 industrial, institutional and commercial facilities across the U.S. The EPA estimates 149 gigawatts of additional CHP capacity would reduce emissions by 40 percent over conventional methods. The new hybrid energy storage system from Pintail Power cuts greenhouse gases, air pollution and costs from CHP installations still further.

CHP combines an engine to produce electricity with an exhaust heat recovery system to produce steam that can be used for heating and cooling as well as producing additional electricity.  CHP can also protect facilities from utility power outages when configured as independent microgrids.

A new technology from Pintail Power integrates renewable energy with CHP to reduce emissions while assuring reliable supply of thermal and electric energy.  U.S. Patent No. 11,840,943—issued this month—describes the Flexible Integration of Stored Heat and Electric Resources (FISHER) for storing and discharging electricity and heat for CHP applications.

The FISHER arrangement allows more cost-effective and fuel-efficient CHP by flexibly supplying process heat and electricity using less fuel.  Facilities can install unlimited amounts of distributed energy, with excess solar being stored as thermal energy using molten salt.  The salt can also be heated using grid electricity when rates are low or by exhaust heat from the engine when rates are high, or the sun isn’t shining.  The FISHER system assures that thermal needs are met at lowest cost and lowest fuel consumption.

According to Pintail Power’s President, Bill Conlon, “By integrating proven components into the novel FISHER system, we are extending our technical and market reach beyond the power sector to industrial, institutional, and commercial applications.”  Pintail Power process technologies offer low-cost, long duration energy storage to reduce renewable curtailment, cut GHG emissions, and improve the flexibility and reliability of the electric grid.  Pintail Power provides technology, systems and services to engineers, utilities, independent power producers and developers to accelerate the transition to low-carbon electricity.  Use of proven equipment and know-how of leading EPC vendors reduces risk and allows broad and rapid deployment.

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