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The Fastest Way to Get There from Here

By Bill Conlon, PresidentMarch 31, 2021 Extreme weather events, from the polar vortex in ERCOT and MISO to wildfires in the west, and superstorms on the east coast, are compromising grid reliability and highlighting infrastructure interdependence. We experienced in stark terms how our modern life depends on reliable power for water and sanitation, communications and transportation, …

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Let’s talk rationally about a greener energy future

There is no question that we are at an inflection point for a clean-energy transition. The public’s enthusiasm has been captured. We’ve seen the emergence of passionate young activists and aggressive carbon reduction goals and mandates adopted by governments, legislatures, commissions, municipalities and corporations.

New technology combines solar, fossil power and energy storage

Pintail Power has announced a new patented technology that combines solar and conventional power generation with molten salt thermal energy storage to deliver low-carbon dispatchable power. The result is the production of more than ten times as much solar energy as in previous Integrated Solar Combined Cycle power plants, delivery of solar-generated energy, and Gigawatt-hour scale storage.

Pintail Power Combines Solar, CSP, & Conventional Generation Into One Highly Efficient System

There has been a lot of talk lately about renewable energy not being up to the task of supplying reliable baseload power. The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow, detractors claim, so how can utility companies expect to rely on either? Pintail Power, based in Silicon Valley, says its new patented Dispatchable Solar Combined Cycle technology is the answer.