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Low Carbon 24 x 7 for All

Industry can best deliver on aspirational goals if policy and decision makers encourage transitional technical pathways

Pintail Power has been operating in stealth mode over the last few years: researching the needs of power producers and load serving entities, patenting a portfolio of technical concepts, refining product line opportunities, building relationships with equipment vendors and EPC contractors, and working within professional associations to develop technical standards to guide a mix of storage solutions. We learned industry can best deliver on aspirational goals if policy and decision makers encourage transitional technical pathways, such as novel hybrid storage + generation assets designed to leverage reduced-carbon fuels under development.


Energy Storage Accelerates Combined Heat and Power Decarbonization

(Palo Alto, California)–December 18, 2023  Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems currently deliver over 82 gigawatts of cleaner, cheaper power...

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Because that’s where the carbon is!

Hybrid generation and storage is key to rapid low carbon transition When asked why he robbed banks, the infamous Willie...

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New Patent for Cryogenic Energy Storage System

(Palo Alto, California)–August 23, 2022  The United States Patent Office has granted U.S. Patent Number 11,421,560 to Pintail Power founder...

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Patented Energy Storage Breakthrough For Greater Energy Security

(Palo Alto, California)–April 6, 2022  The current crisis in Ukraine exposes economic and  logistical vulnerabilities in the global transition to...

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DOE Project Highlights Advantages of Hybrid Energy Storage

ENERGY SECURITY, ECONOMIC SAVINGS, LOWER EMISSIONS (Palo Alto, California—March 28, 2022)  Confronted with accelerated timelines to dramatically reduce carbon by...

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New invention targets summer capacity needed to assure grid reliability (Palo Alto, California—January 11, 2022)  U.S. Patent No. 11,221,177 entitled...

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Sustainability breakthrough for weekly, monthly, or seasonal energy storage dramatically reduces use of scarce water resources, hydrogen fuel, and liquid...

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New patent for cryogenic energy storage enables energy storage at a grand scale

(Palo Alto, California)–July 6, 2021  Adding to an already robust patent portfolio, a new invention enables liquefied air energy storage...

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New patent enhances grid resiliency by extending energy storage duration

(Palo Alto, California, April 21, 2021)  A new invention can double the duration of energy storage systems by continuing to...

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The Fastest Way to Get There from Here

By Bill Conlon, PresidentMarch 31, 2021 Extreme weather events, from the polar vortex in ERCOT and MISO to wildfires in...

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The Energy Futures Initiative (EFI)

The Energy Futures Initiative (EFI) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to driving innovation in energy tech, policy & business models.

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California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA)

California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA) is a 501c(6) membership-based advocacy group committed to advancing the role of energy storage in...

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