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Safe, Affordable, Reliable, Equitable

With industry at an inflection point moving from reliance on fossil fuels to embracing renewables, our clean hybrid approach bridges strengths and advantages of both.

If variable, intermittent renewables are to eventually become dominant resources and maintain reliability nightly and during extreme weather events, both generation and storage must be economically sustainable for asset owners, utilities, service providers, and customers.

Pintail Power offers patented and proprietary energy storage and related technologies with superior cost, performance, scalability, reliability, lifetime, siting, and environmental characteristics. We achieve these advantages by hybrid integration of low-cost thermal storage media with proven thermal power generation equipment.

Our technical approach embraces five key principles:

  1. Hybridization to achieve technical, economic, and siting synergies
  2. Low-cost, abundant, and safe thermal storage media
  3. Proven equipment to enable meaningful performance guarantees
  4. Vendor neutrality and best-in-class equipment to suit the application
  5. Patent enabling technologies and proprietary know-how


Liquid Salt Combined Cycle

Pintail Power’s patented Liquid Salt Combined Cycle™ (LSCC) technology transforms existing thermal generation assets into a renewables storage solution. LSCC technology provides cost-effective bulk energy storage in a compact footprint to provide low-carbon dispatchable power for utility grids, microgrids, islands, and facilities. LSCC integrates proven utility equipment.

Liquid Air Combined Cycle

Pintail Power’s patent-pending Liquid Air Combined Cycle™ (LACC) integrates cryogenic (cold) thermal energy storage with thermal power plants to provide very large-scale (10+ GWh) and very long-duration (days to weeks) of energy storage to manage both short and long-term variability of renewable resources.

Concentrated Solar Combined Cycle

Pintail Power’s patented Concentrated Solar Combined Cycle™ (CSCC) technology is similar to LSCC but uses heat from the CSP field rather than electricity to charge thermal energy storage. Many heat sources can be used because the LSCC technology upgrades the energy by using exhaust heat from a combustion turbine to superheat steam to a temperature higher than the heat source.

Hybrid Principles

Hybrid synergies enable large-scale energy storage to better utilize renewable energy for decarbonization. By improving renewable utilization, hybrids further enable increased penetration as well as investment in green and renewable fuels.

Images illustrate that proven equipment can be used in hybrid energy storage systems.

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