Pintail Power


Flexible Integration of Stored Heat and Electric Resources (FISHER)

Pintail Power’s FISHER (Flexible Integration of Storage, Heat, and Electrical Resources) is a hybrid  generation and storage technology for industrial, institutional and commercial applications.  The FISHER system enables  Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems to flexibly produce steam, hot water, or chilled water, while maximizing the use of renewable resources to minimize fuel consumption and emissions.  The system automatically and seamlessly varies electric power generation based on the need for power and the availability of local renewable resources or low-cost remote (utility) resources, while meeting the thermal needs of a host.

Flexible Integration of Stored Heat and Electric Resources

A FISHER system integrates thermal energy storage, using a thermal fluid such as molten salt for energy storage, which is heated by either electricity or exhaust heat from an engine.  Either a reciprocating internal combustion engine (RICE) or a gas turbine provides electric power when the host’s electric load exceeds the generation from local renewables, such as wind or solar, and the cost of self-produced power is less than utility power.  The stored energy and an exhaust gas heater combined to deliver thermal energy for heating and cooling as well as powering a bottoming cycle for peaking power.

The FISHER arrangement allows more cost-effective and fuel-efficient CHP by flexibly supplying process heat while minimizing demand charges.  In addition, FISHER provides core microgrid capabilities with dispatchable engine power, a bottoming cycle for peaking power, and the ability to maximize renewable power while minimizing GHG emissions.